API Integration

This technology works for the connection between two or more applications, via their APIs, that lets those systems exchange data.

API Integration

API integration is a process of creating a means for two or more APIs to share data and communicate with each other without human interruption. It involves the use of APIs to enable communication between two web tools or applications. It allows organizations to automate their systems, enhance the seamless sharing of data, and integrate current applications.

API integration has become pivotal in the modern world due to the explosion of cloud-based products and apps. As such, organizations need to create a connected system where data will be relayed flawlessly between various software tools without the need to do it manually. API integration has proved to be the much-needed solution as it allows the sharing of process and enterprise data among applications in a given ecosystem. It improves the flexibility of information and service delivery, as well as makes the embedding of content from different sites and apps easy. An API acts as the interface that permits the integration of two applications. It's, essentially, a way for others to leverage your offering. An API might allow you to recruit a number of partners who invest in supporting your product. If you have a technology platform that has value and it's unique enough, then you can generate awareness through API integration.

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Key features

APIs simplify the process of integrating new application components into existing architecture.

  • Automation to update work flows more quickly and productively.
  • Efficiency as to provided access is shared and distributed more easily.
  • Adaptation to anticipate changes.

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